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Brittany Todd is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling Associate, Gabrielle Bernstein Level One Life Coach, American Council of Exercise certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach, and Registered Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor. Brittany was a NCAA and Olympic Trial swimmer for the University of Florida, she is a 3 time Boston Marathon Qualifier, and dedicated yoga practitioner. Brittany has been involved in fitness and wellness since she could crawl; through her experience and education, Brittany is able to counsel from both personal experience and higher level education. Brittany approaches therapy from an integrative approach in order to provide the client with the best approach for their specific needs. Brittany constantly expresses a great passion for balance of the body and mind when it comes to reaching optimal health and aligning the mind, body and soul.

Where do you find inspiration?

Almost everything inspires me in one way or another! I am constantly reading and learning more about how to create the best version of myself. I strive to live each day with intention and awareness. What energy I put out into the world comes back to me; this thought alone inspires me to wake up every day and live the best day possible!

How do you stay motivated?

It is easy to stay motivated when you have a strong support system of close friends and family. My husband and daughter are two of my biggest motivators, they are constantly challenging me to dig just a little deeper and go just a little farther to achieve my goals. My friends surround me with the love, support and advice I need to keep going on some of those “harder” days. I find that maintaining a strong spiritual connection helps to keep me balanced and motivated as well; I start each day with a meditation that feeds my soul and sets the tone for the rest of my day.

What is your #1 health tip?

Stay BALANCED! Too much of anything does not promote good health. Be sure to exercise and eat healthy; but, ALWAYS make sure to schedule time to take relax and take care of your soul…you will thank me later!

What is your favorite food?

Homemade pizza! My family and I make our own pizza dough and pick any combination of toppings you can think of! SO YUMMY & HEALTHY!

What is your favorite season?

Fall, hands down. I love the crisp, clean air and the beautiful, color –changing leaves.