“Celebrating 20 years of Massage Therapy with a little help from Yoga”

March 26, 2015

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I graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in March of 1995 and what a ride. I have taken continuing education classes in Austria, Vermont and Florida. I started doing nothing but sports massage and deep tissue therapy.  I quickly learned how repetitive motion can cause stress to the tendons and joints of the fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Fortunately, I had already started practicing Yoga and realized how beneficial it was for my body. It has also been a wonderful adjunct to my therapy in helping people how to breath correctly and stretch themselves. I am so blessed to have a thriving practice of 20 years. I am pain free and I continue to be flexible. I am also one of the exceptions. Many massage therapist have short careers, due to their own injuries. I contribute my longevity to my Yoga Practice. I was so interested, that I received my Yoga teacher training in 2003. My love and practice of Yoga has supported me many times in my life and career. It has deepened my spirituality as well. People always say to me “I am not flexible enough to do Yoga”. My answer is, you have to start somewhere. I teach beginners, gentle and Restorative Yoga. I love the therapeutic benefits and incorporate my dual training to Private Yoga and Yoga therapy. One common belief of all ancient Yogi’s is that we age in our spine. We have 72,000 nerve endings coming off of our spine and it’s flexibility and health is vital. Yoga is also extremely beneficial to injury recovery as well. At B Balanced we offer 8 different Yoga classes to choose from as well as personal training,nutrition and fitness classes. Check out our schedule to start your wellness journey today . Namaste


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