Finding time for FITNESS!

February 17, 2015

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People always say to me, “Of course you are so fit, you exercise for a living!” Well…..not exactly. Actually, I watch people exercise while I guide them, I run a business, and I do a great deal of Life Coaching where I am parked in a comfy chair across from a client; and on top of work at the studio, I am a wife, a mother, and a post graduate student. Therefore, I have to try just as hard, be just as dedicated, and make the same sacrifices everyone does in order to stay fit, healthy, and balanced. Believe me, I have had my fair share of “out of shape periods” since I stopping swimming 10 years ago; I have gained weight, lost weight, dieted, cleansed, binged, cheated, over exercised, and under exercised, until I was able to find that “perfect” (and I use that term loosely) BALANCE that worked for me.

Having gone through a period of weight gain after first moving to Pawleys and opening the studio, I went through a few years where I began exercising and running a lot in order to do what I thought I needed to do to reach my healthiest self. Being a former competitive athlete my MO was to train like a mad woman! However, I soon found out that was not really working for my body or my brain for that matter.

As it turns out, running 8-15 miles a day and doing 3 + boot camps weekly is not something I have time for right now; and honestly, it wasn’t something that was healthy for me in the first place. It was leaving my depleted both physically and mentally. That much exercise was causing my body to constantly remain in “survival mode,” holding on to extra fat AND it was leading me to overeat….sometimes, I would be so tired I would try to eat for energy in place of letting my body rest when it needed; other times, I would tell myself “Well, I ran 10 miles today so I can eat this.” Neither my excessive exercise, nor poor eating habits helped me reach my healthiest, happiest self.

In my life these days, I am too busy to spend hours running or working out; but, I still make it a priority to do something every day to maintain my health and balance. I schedule in 30-60 minutes of exercise every single day. Before I became pregnant with our second (17 weeks right now), I would get up every morning and go for a quick 3 mile run and follow it with 10-20 minutes of yoga and meditation. Sometimes I would have to get up really early to make this happen but creating this time for myself was totally worth it! Being pregnant, I find I am much more tired in the mornings so I schedule my runs and workouts during lunch or after work (with a flashlight sometimes!). Regardless I am still sure to get in my run almost daily and my weight training 2 times a week.

I look at exercise as not only something that I love to do because it makes me feel good; but just something that has to be done….like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Staying healthy and taking care of yourself is so important. I want to be there for my children and my family for as long as possible, I want to stay strong, and fit, and happy, and healthy, and less stressed, and balanced; therefore, making time to exercise daily no matter how busy I am is a priority for me. I have found, that even on my busiest days I can find 30 minutes to run, walk, do yoga, or weight train…..there is always 30 minutes; and you would be surprised what a good workout you can get in 30 minutes! Don’t believe me, let me train you, 30 minutes! Let’s go!

So, starting today, stop the excuses of I can’t find time, or I am too busy and MAKE TIME! Find time for FITNESS! And find time for YOU!

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