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July 29, 2015

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These past few months I have been inspired by so many people! This summer has been a whirlwind, between work, school, my amazing toddler, and preparing for baby Foster to arrive (in just a few days!); but, it has been so wonderful. I have found myself constantly in awe of the many mothers I have come in contact with both friends and clients. My best friend continues to amaze me with all she conquers and takes on in life; the fact that she still has time for me and her God Daughter (my daughter) is so impressive! I thank God for her and her family every single day, words cannot express my gratitude for her friendship and love. Additionally, this summer I was blessed to be invited by another friend to join an all-women’s bible study where I met some AMAZING women and mothers who have helped and inspired me more than I could have even imagined. We have been able to share in our faith, our struggles, and some awesome parenting strategies! I am so grateful!

I have also been amazed by the dedication and perseverance of all of my clients, through this summer’s heat, and my pregnancy they have stuck with it and pushed themselves to the max -so awesome! I know that as I go on maternity leave they will continue to challenge themselves (and Lauren Davis will continue to kick their booties! Hehe!). So, if you want to join our B Balanced family now is still a great time to come aboard, we have a pretty wonderful group here, I have to say!

I just want to send out a special thank you to everyone in my life who is a constant source of inspiration and support to myself, my family, and B Balanced; so much love to you all. I will be in and out of the studio from now until after Labor Day; but, I am sure I will see many of you out an about! Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the summer; and again, many thanks to you all.

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