Let’s CHOOSE To Make It A Good Week!

January 12, 2015

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Each morning when I wake up, I realize I have a choice; I can choose to be happy and positive about the day ahead or to be grumpy and negative. Some days this choice is easy, a given; I wake up feeling rested and excited for the day…on this particular Monday morning (today), when my alarm went off at 6:00am, the choice was not an easy one. We had a rough weekend of long travel with a very sick toddler; I was up with “Croupy Clara” all night Saturday night and again last night (but this time with both sick Clara and a sick dog!). Needless to say, this morning I was one tired mama! Then, as I got ready to run out the door for my 6:30am appointment, I heard the rain; I mean, who wants to go to work super early in the pouring rain?!? NOT ME! But, I quickly gathered myself. I reminded myself I had a choice here, I could take some deep breaths, press on, and make this seemly “manic Monday” a good one despite the circumstances; OR, I could walk through my day in misery. When you put it like that the choice gets easier…who wants to choose misery?! So I poured myself a cup of tea, put on my favorite mala beads and marched out the door to the studio with a smile on my face and my favorite song on the radio! I took comfort in the knowledge that my sick little one (and our sick dog, Maddie) would be home with her Daddy until I could get home to be with her for the afternoon. Perhaps this rain will bring extra snuggles this evening for all of us. For now, I am finding that working Mommy “Balance” (even in the rain!) by working with my lovely clients all morning, and going home to be with my sick precious Clara this afternoon. Here’s to finding the silver lining and saying “YES!” to happiness despite imperfect circumstances! #manicmonday #workingmommy #Balanceishard

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