Making Lemonade

January 26, 2015

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It has been my experience that sometimes life gives you lemons; there are periods of time where nothing seems to go right or “fall into place” like it usually does. Well, it’s a good thing I happen to LOVE lemons, because the past two weeks at the Todd household have been fun of them! Aside from Clara being super sick, our dog got sick, and everything fell through with the house we were all set to start building (Ryland Homes messed up twice when measuring our lot, so we pulled our contract). However, I have to hand it to us, we just kept going…we made lemonade!

Everything happens for a reason right?! It seems for now that Reid, Clara, Maddie, Baby Todd 2 on the way, and I have decided to sit tight in our slightly tight house and make the best of it for as long as we can (#3yearsmax!). This decision has surprisingly left us motivated and excited as opposed to doubtful and down. Reid and I have been on a mission to revamp our home and make it SO amazing (and as organized as possible of course) that staying in our sweet little home for a while longer will seem more like a treat. I should be clear that we actually love, love, love our cute little home…it has just been closing in on us a bit since Clara has taken over haha. Although, now I have full confidence that with the changes we have planned, in the end our house will seem bigger, even though we will be adding a new member! In the meantime, we intend to find the perfect lot, where in the next few years we will begin building our dream home for our sweet growing family. I guess, moving was just not in the cards for us right now, and I am totally okay with that…not only do I love lemons, but I LOVE to clean and organize!

So next time everything seems to be going wrong all at once (because let’s face it, when it rains, it pours!), try approaching it from a glass half full perspective and trust that everything is happening for a reason. For me, although it was a difficult time as a mommy, when I look back, the past two weeks have really been filled with extra Clara and Maddie snuggles, and some exciting online shopping surrounding home improvement!

Let’s go make some lemonade

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