Nutrition is Half the Battle…

April 27, 2015

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Feeling more burn when you get into your car than in your workouts?
Maybe it’s time to revamp your diet and devise a plan to lose some of that belly fat before bikini season! Sign up for a Nutrition consult for only $25.00 and order a personalized meal plan for $50.00.

For healthy treat…
Get Your Smoothie On!
Spring Detox Smoothie:

– 3 Stalks of Kale

– 2 Stalks of Celery

– 1 Lime

– 1 Apple

– 1 Cucumber

– 1 Drop Cilantro essential oil

We all know how great smoothies are for a meal replacement, snack, or post workout supplement. Steer clear of pre-made smoothies from the grocery store which can be high in sugar, and low in nutrients.
Here are some tips for making these at home more, well… smoothly :)

1. Upgrade your Yogurt.
Substitute low or fat free Greek yogurt instead of sweetened vanilla yogurt. Save sugar and calories, while adding protein. Just check the nutrition facts and ingredients to make sure that they didn’t sneak in any extras.
2. Try a stick blender.
As opposed to a conventional blender, you are mixing everything right in the cup you will be drinking out of. You’ll can have better portion control. (and you don’t have to wash that giant blender!)
We like Cuisinart Stick Blender, which you can find at Kohl’s for about $40.
3. Mix it up.
Buy lots of very ripe fresh fruit, eat what you can while it’s still good. But right before it’s too ripe, cut it in small pieces and freeze it on a baking sheet with wax paper or parchment paper. Take all your little frozen fruit bits and make different blends (tropical, berry, strawberry-banana, etc) and put in ziploc bags and keep frozen until you are ready to use them. This give you awesome fresh fruits, plus cutting them in smaller pieces makes blending a quick and easy.


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