Back to School Coaching Series for Parents

Back to School Coaching Series for Parents
September 12, 2018 and September 19, 2018
Wednesday’s 8:30pm-9:30pm
Investment: $65

Parenting is SUPER hard sometimes; and when our kids are trying to navigate the pressures of school our job as parents seems to get even more difficult.  In my practice as a counselor, I work with a great deal of middle, high school, and college kids, and consequently their parents as well.  During this series of workshops I am going to help you better understand your kids and what they are facing on a daily basis, plus, how you can help.  We will be covering topics such as, how to talk to your kid about difficult issues, how to improve communication, what you need to be looking for as far as healthy verses unhealthy behaviors, grades, friends, social media, and more. This workshop is for any parent middle school age and above (even those of you with kids in college!!). This 2 week workshop is only $65; and no worries if you can’t make it because the replays will be sent to your inbox following each week’s webinar.

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