Serenity, Strength, & Sanity

February 24, 2015

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Those of you who know me well know that I like to stay in control of as much as I can. I am constantly working on accepting the things that I can not control and identifying the things that I can control (at least to the best of my ability). Sunday night I had trouble sleeping, with the start of a new quarter of grad school beginning March 2nd (with 18 credits on my plate), a new baby on the way, an active toddler, a ton of projects going on at our house to get ready for baby (and allow us to stay in our house for 2-3 more years) and a full schedule at work, I was feeling overwhelmed…. “How am I going to make all of this work?!” was all I could think of. “I am a life coach, I help people with this stuff every day; I HAVE to be able to figure this out on my own, right!?” THEN, it hit me, all it takes is organization, time management, planning, and A LOT of help my amazing husband! I immediately started scheming and making charts and lists that I know will help me feel more organized and gain a sense of control, something I need in order to get it ALL accomplished and remain sane.

Yesterday during lunch (when I was probably supposed to be focusing on something for work), I created a cleaning chart to help us stay on top of house cleaning; I typed up morning chores, nightly chores, weekly chores, and monthly chores in a chart and printed it out for us to put up and better keep track of who has done what, and what still needs to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Even better Reid had the great idea to print it larger and laminate it so we could use dry erase marker to check things off (okay so he may be a little neurotic as well haha- but nothing beats a clean and organized house, clutter breeds stress).

Next, I created a meal planning chart that will help us plan out and prep meals on a monthly basis; my hope is that on late nights of meetings and school work (when there is no time for blue apron) I will simply be able to pull something from the freezer and pop it in the oven…I have to credit my friend Claire Duvall here because she gave me tons of yummy healthy recipes that are easy to double and freeze.

Next, I made a weekly and a monthly chart for work, things that I know need to be accomplished at the studio each week and each month. Staying on top of everything at the studio is key to eliminating work stress and pressure; keeping this in mind, I made sure to prioritize each task every day, highlighting the most important items.

Finally, I made a large “To-Do Before Baby” list. I wrote out everything that needs to be accomplished in our house and everything we NEED to acquire before Baby Foster joins us. I prioritized this list as well, putting everything in order of when it needs to be accomplished. This list is really long and slightly intimidating, but I know if we work one day at a time we will get it all taken care of before Baby Foster comes.

The act of writing out, charting and listing EVERYTHING that was swimming around in my overwhelmed brain immediately calmed me down and helped me to regain a feeling of control. I know that starting next Monday life will be super busy (taking a 3 month break from grad school definitely gives you a false sense of normal life haha); but I believe if I use the charts and work systematically I will be able to keep up, feel less overwhelmed, and most importantly be able to enjoy life with my wonderful husband and incredible daughter along the way!

Of course, in the meantime I will continue to pray for serenity, strength and sanity!
I recommend these exercises to any of you who are feeling overwhelmed or over-committed; sometimes getting everything on paper really helps! I would be happy to work with or talk to any of you further about time management, planning, ect. Call the studio anytime to schedule a Life Coaching appointment at 843-314-0011.

Happy planning…..and charting, listing….ya know!

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