Sunshine and Organization!

March 12, 2015

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hello sunshine
Sunshine and organization….two of my favorite things…..

It finally feels like spring in Pawleys! The sun has been shining and the weather has been warm ALL week! I am so grateful to be able to get outside and soak in some sunshine after all of these cold rainy days we have had recently! I always feel like spring time brings fresh energy and new beginnings; in a way, it’s like spring is my new year’s. At the Todd house, we are focused on organizing and redecorating to make our house as comfortable as possible for when baby Foster makes his debut at the end of July; and at the studio, we are designing new programs, workshops, and spring specials to reveal next month.

At home, Reid and I have revamped almost every room and I am LOVING IT! We have gotten new furniture that allows for more storage in the living room, organized and made more room for relaxation in our bedroom, completely re-organized the laundry room and made it more inviting, and are in the process of moving Clara to her big girl room. A few months ago I could never imagine I would be saying this, but, I am so glad we chose to stay put in our sweet little home!! It is amazing home much space you can find and create when you really put your mind to it; clutter really does bread stress!

Amidst the chaos of it all however we have found time to enjoy the outdoors and breathe in the fresh air and sunshine, such a blessing. As the weather gets even warmer, I am looking forward to more weekends outdoors, trips to the beach, and lots of family time!

I recommend you all use spring as a fresh clean start, revisit those 2015 resolutions, take stock, declutter and most importantly, take some time today to step out of the chaos and soak in some sunshine!

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