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January 6, 2015

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Wellness is a continuous journey. Health, happiness, and balance are only part of one’s wellness journey; the process of discovering your true, “best,” self is the ultimate achievement of wellness.  It takes a great amount of effort to get to know yourself on such a deep level that you discover your “best” self; there is always something else to learn, study, practice, meditate on, and implement into your life.

My journey of wellness began at a very young age as I was a competitive, elite level swimmer throughout adolescence and college.  I constantly maintained a healthy lifestyle and felt that I was “well.”  However, it was not until my swimming career ended in college due to two shoulder and one elbow surgery that I began my official wellness journey.  I was forced to take stock of my life and try new things; this soon led me to a yoga studio in Gainesville, Florida (where I attended college, at the University of Florida).  I found that yoga brought a new component to my life that benefited both my physical body and my emotional mind.  I began to incorporate yoga, meditation, breath work, and a mindful practice into my “workout” routine; I reaped the benefits immediately healing from the inside out both physical and mentally.  What I did not know at the time was this was only the beginning of my journey to achieving my “best” self.  Everyday since I walked into that yoga class at Sanctuary Yoga, I have continued to grow and learn about myself in new and exciting ways.

One thing I can tell you is that WELLNESS=BALANCE and BALANCE=WELLNESS; how we get there is the hard part.  In this weekly (maybe even sometimes biweekly) blog, I will share with you my journey to wellness and finding my “best self;” perhaps my journey (or should we say my balancing act of mommy-hood, wife-hood, wellness studio owner, graduate student, etc.) will motivate, enlighten, inspire, or at least provide you with some good laughs!  Thanks for joining me on my journey!

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